The last six weeks Icedor (the human) have been teaching a web technology course on IHM Business School‘s education Digital Marketing & Sales Analytics.

Most of the students started from scratch. Knowing basically nothing about web technology’s and how to get a website up and running on their own domain. Now, six weeks later they know how to set up their domain, point it trough DNS to another hosting, installing a CMS and basically everything there is to know about HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. Almost.

They have been extraordinary in how fast they’ve picked up on things and I’ve been surprised by their creativity over and over again. It’s been an absolute honor to be a part of their education. Below you can visit some of the websites the students have created.

sportfisketips.se matildae.com brantingproduktion.se artbypaulie.se hittalia.nu sk8strong.se pangstakeaway.se gammalstil.se webbanalysen.se fullamuggar.se smunters.se upgradeyourhair.se blidigital.nu jennifierce.se aochco.nu passionfororganics.se emimiil.se garpensund.com garpenutmanar.nu innovativz.com digitalanalytiker.se hittaidatan.se runfree.se barn-stockholm.se chibirocky.com goodcreams.com brickhotel.se dagartilljul.se pappilongboard.se djericappelgren.se okey.nu snyggtcv.com artillia.se shahnilasmat.se meromdjur.se planbok-butiken.se harfinnsallt.se alltpakartan.se fhogbergconsulting.se