If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur.

Might be the afternoon beer speaking or just my inner bitterness finding an exit from my, usually not that airtight body. Yeah, I’m not one of the quiet ones that save up for the smart things, I know.

I throw some half though through things into the mix and sometimes wish I was a bit brighter and slower on my tongue. I often act based on my instincts and belief that what I’m doing is right in more ways than one. Then again, this society is run by people that don’t always know what they’re doing. Not necessarily in a bad way, it’s just a fact.

Remember when you were a little child? You dreamed about the day you would be an adult. A grown up that knew all the tricks and what this life was all about. Spoiler alert, no one knows what’s going on, why we are and the answers to it all. It’s all about to roll with the punches and adapt to what is in front of you.

That’s the case in business to. Or as far as I know, I’ve only been doing this for ten years professionally and three year on my own. I admit I don’t know all the answers or what the future might hold. Anyone propose they do, you should probably be a bit skeptical against. But the fact stands, I’ve been around and I’ve learned a lot. This insight is what you pay for when you hire me. In my field I can do in minutes what might take you hours or days. So why are you still struggling and wasting your time, better spent on other things?

I’m special, of course I am, I’m me, right. Get my point? You are also special, for you, your mom and maybe one or two other people. I’m tired of competing with people that think they are way to special. The stronger and more adaptable will prevail and that’s true in the bigger picture but how much brilliance are silenced in the sea of mayflies? How many better ways are never tried because they at first glance seems to expensive or are stomped on by dinosaurs with ancient contacts.

In a perfect world everybody would be heard and their opinion would be valued. They would be able to spend their time on what interests them because that’s where humans flourish. If you agree with me, from now on. Every decision you make should be in the direction of that goal. Have a nice weekend.